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Comptech IT Solutions install interactive Screens & Projectors, Speaker Systems and Microphones for Meetings, Presentations and School Halls.

Interactive Screens

Take a look around your meeting room. Does everyone look a bit zoned out, and potentially thinking about what they’re having for tea? No wonder; did you know that office workers sit through an average of over 6,000 meetings in their career? Mmmm, pie and chips.

CompTech IT Solutions can provide and install interactive screens with height adjustable wall mounts. These screens give you the opportunity to present ideas in a much more engaging way. You can use content from websites, apps, images, videos, pretty much anything.

Effective and exciting collaboration with colleagues is much easier when you can all see the screen at the same time. No more passing the laptop around the table!

Comptech - Screen


In this modern world, all your colleagues and clients will be familiar with touch technology. You can benefit from that familiarity by bringing the same tech into your meeting rooms; it’s like a giant tablet on the wall! Our wireless displays with excellent connectivity mean no cables and no hassle.

People will feel confident to share their thoughts by writing or drawing on the screen, as they already have all the skills they’ll need. This will encourage participation, bringing more ideas to the table and eradicating potential boredom.

Tablet Control

No one needs multiple remotes to keep track of, so you’ll be pleased to know that all of our screens can be controlled entirely from your tablet or smartphone. How handy is that?

An engaging experience

We provide interactive digital software to perfectly complement your new technology, making it much easier to get everyone’s ideas down. You can even set up collaboration sessions so that everyone in the room can connect to the screen using their own devices and collaborate interactively. How cool is that?

Make your notes collectively on the interactive screen, and share the file after the meeting, synergising your whole business process. No more reams of paper to keep track of, or Brian leaving his notepad on the bus again. For goodness’ sake, Brian!

Our interactive displays support screen-casting, meaning that you can often cast up to four screens simultaneously, sharing desktops in real time. Just make sure you close down any dodgy tabs first!

All of our interactive displays come with an anti-glare coating, which means that your content will be crisp and clear in daylight – no need to dim the lights


Of course, a tiny little huddle room doesn’t quite need an expensive wireless microphone setup, or mics for each individual speaker. That would be overkill.

On the flip side, if you’ve got a massive conference room with a twelve foot long desk, one mic in the middle of the table is going to make Pete from HR sound like he’s in Timbuktu.

Whatever your microphone requirements, we’re your guys (and girls).


Video conferencing has become a critical business tool for connecting you with your colleagues and clients all around the world. To collaborate effectively and maintain an air of professionalism, you need to be able to hear each other clearly. Expert loudspeaker selection and placement has a great effect on this experience, and we can help you here.

We supply and install ceiling and wall-mounted speakers, all with Bluetooth, wireless and airplay connectivity. Our years of experience have given us the expertise to know which speakers would be right for your setup, and exactly where to place them for the best sound quality.

Hall Installations

CompTech IT Solutions specialise in school hall installations and as well as being DBS checked, our teams are fully trained to work at height.

We specialise in IT Support for education, and through our close work with schools all over the country, we completely understand the specific needs and requirements of these customers. We supply and install a range of school hall AV equipment, including interactive screens, projectors and audio systems.

CompTech have the knowledge, expertise and equipment needed to adapt to the unique setup of each school. We work quickly and efficiently, to ensure that all your new equipment is installed professionally, whilst causing minimum disruption to staff and pupils. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service, and all of our work is backed by our 24 month warranty, for your peace of mind.