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Planning a new, modern office space? Deciding where the vending machines and break room will go is all well and good, but what about your printers, AV solutions and workspaces? We can help with all your cabling needs, ensuring everything is ready to go from day one.

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What is a data cable?

A data cable essentially provides communication between devices. They transmit information between systems such as servers, computers and other hardware. In an ever changing world, where would we be without them?

At CompTech IT Solutions, we are specialists in data cable installations for businesses nationwide. Our clients ask us to install and terminate these cables for a range of reasons, including, but not limited to:

Basically, they ensure that all your tech is connected and working together properly.

We install and terminate Cat 6 and Cat 7 cables, which are primarily used as network cables. This means that they connect computers and servers to modems and internet service providers (ISPs).

Our data cables can be completely hidden behind walls or in ceiling panels, to keep the office space safe. Neat and tidy, you won’t even know that the cables are there!

Why choose CompTech IT for data cable installation?

We’ve installed data cables for a wide variety of businesses and organisations across a range of sectors. Whether your business or school is large or small, we’re confident that our cabling will keep up with your operational demands as your needs grow and evolve.

You can rest assured that your cabling will last for years to come, as it has undergone the most thorough testing and is fully certified.

Cabling certification proves that a cabling system adheres to rigorous standards for performance and installation quality. And performance and quality is what we’re all about!

"CompTech have provided excellent advice and support throughout several large projects, including sourcing and installing a new telephony system, new servers and whole school enhanced wi-fi. Throughout these projects the team continually went above and beyond to get the job done and adapted their working hours and days to suit our needs and ensure timely completion."

Fibre Cabling

A fibre optic cable is a fancy network cable, which contains strands of glass fibres inside an insulated casing. They’re designed for high- performance data networking and telecommunications.

As fibre cabling uses light pulses to carry information, they carry data much faster than other types of cabling. And as they don’t carry an electrical signal, they suffer from less interference than traditional metal cables, making them faster still. It’s also important to note here that no electricity means no fire hazards!

Compared to wired cables, fibre optic cables also provide much higher bandwidth and are able to transmit data over longer distances than older metal data cables. Dated copper cables were originally developed to transmit voice signals only. Voice signals don’t require anywhere near as much bandwidth as modern technology now demands. But you don’t need to know all that, you just want your data fast, right? And that’s what we’re here for!

Since 2008 we have installed and terminated hundreds of miles of fibre optic cables for businesses.

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Our services include

Fibre Optic
Cable Installation

Our engineers will install all of your fibre cabling, ensuring that optimum cable performance is achieved. The cables can be installed in ducts, up risers, suspended aerially or direct buried. We’ll have a chat to help you decide what’s right for your business.

Fibre Optic
Cable Termination

Proper fibre optic cable termination is extremely important when installing a fibre optic network. It will protect fibres in the cable from dirt or damage while in use. It also prevents excessive loss of light, which will make your network run more smoothly and efficiently. A network will be unreliable if this function is not performed correctly, so make sure you get someone who knows what they’re doing, i.e. US!

Patch Panel

In a business network, a patch panel works as a switchboard, using cables to interconnect network computers within a local area network (LAN). It also connects outside lines including the internet or other wide area networks (WANs).

Patch panels can also be used to interconnect and manage fibre optic cables. Again, we can sort this for you, just give us a call. It sounds complicated, but we promise not to speak in jargon!

Server Racks

A server rack is designed specifically to house technical equipment including routers, switches, phone systems, and of course, servers. The rack makes it possible to securely hold multiple pieces of equipment in one area. And guess what? We provide these too! Is there anything we don’t do?


Reduce downtime and maximise the productivity of your business, by ensuring that IT hardware, software and data cabling always works. No matter what IT problem you may encounter, just give us a call and we’ll fix it for you.