Microsoft 365 and G Suite

CompTechIT Solutions offer a range of Cloud based services, including Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite

Microsoft 365 and G Suite

Still passing around USBs, or constantly emailing files back and forth? Share files efficiently and safely with Cloud based systems that mean that you can access files whenever and wherever you like.

CompTechIT Solutions offer a range of Cloud based services, including Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite. We’re based at Blackpool Enterprise Park near the airport, and we provide these integrated and flexible systems to companies across Lancashire.

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Microsoft 365 Business Support

Microsoft 365 is a Cloudbased platform that allows your business the flexibility to work from any location, on any device, at any time.

If you need a more integrated and secure way of using Windows 10 and Microsoft Office software, then Microsoft 365 is for you. It is the number one choice in cloud hosted email and cloud hosted software suites. Not only that, but it includes thefull Office 365 suite, so that’s your Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.Everything you’d need or want on your desktop, but with all the space, security and ease of use of the Cloud.

Because it’s Cloud based software, these programs are accessible on any device, whether that’s your desktop computer, tablet or phone, all by simply logging into your Microsoft account.

Most companies already use Microsoft products on a day-to-day basis so the disruption to working practice is minimal for employees, with the functionality already being very familiar.

Continuity is the name of the game here. No longer will you have to worry about responding to emails when you don’t have access to your machine, or email yourself multiple documents so that you can finish that project at home. Simply log into your Microsoft 365 account and all your files will be instantly accessible.

Microsoft 365 Advantages

Implementation and Support

We can provide implementation of this super-flexible platform, along with ongoing support and training for all your staff. Whether you’re interested in migrating to Microsoft365, or you already have it and would like additional support, we can help.

Once we’ve got you up and running with Microsoft365, our team will be on hand to deal with any ongoing support enquiries that you may have. We’ll also ensure that you’re benefiting fully from all the features that your package has to offer.

Using Microsoft 365 means that there are no longer any installation requirements on multiple machines to be able to use the newest software or latest update release. The fact that your Microsoft software is hosted in the cloud negates the need for manually changing things, or having to follow confusing instructions.


GDPR Compliant

In these modern times of increasing regulation and security threats, running your organisation with just Office 365 licensing is a mistake. Microsoft 365 combines Office 365 with Windows 10 Enterprise and Enterprise Mobility andSecurity (EMS) in one complete package. It includes features that control access and verify identity, manage any mobile devices and safeguard your sensitive data. All of these will help you handle GDPR requirements effectively.

Every file and document that your team creates can be protected by fully customisable privacy settings and security controls, meaning you can share your data with your colleagues with confidence.

Google's GSuite

To offer our clients an alternative to Microsoft 365, we also supply and install Google's G Suite software.

Like Microsoft’s suite, G Suite is also Cloud based and accessible across all devices.Many businesses prefer the GSuite to Microsoft 365 due to the ease of use of the software and familiarity of programs such as Google’s email program -Gmail.

G Suite Advantages

  • Gmail is a very powerful email program that allows you to customise the spam and inbound mail filtering tools. This functionality, alongside the built-in spam filtering,ensures that your inbox isn’t filled with junk.

  • Customised information sharing rules allow you to control the extent to which employees can share files and information across Google Docs, Calendar and other Google sites.

  • Customised logo and colours in GSuite applications gives your account the look and feel of your company.

  • Huge range of applications to help improve your work flow and interactions with staff.

G Suite Apps

For more information on these apps and how they can help your business, just get in touch with our friendly team.