We can incorporate your UK business landlines and mobiles within a bundle,
giving you huge cost saving benefits compared with ISDN.

Termination of ISDN Lines

A massive two million businesses are still operating their telephone system over ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network). Is yours one of them? Are you aware of the planned ISDN switch off in 2025, and is your business ready for it?

The setup and design of the ISDN system has not changed since it was launched in the 1980s. The lines tend to incur heavy running costs, and recent developments in communication technology have paved the way for better quality and more cost-effective systems. Sounds good, right?

If your business hasn’t yet moved away from ISDN, now is definitely the time to make the transition to a cheaper and more advanced solution.

CompTech IT offer a range of cost saving business phone systems, which can be either hosted or on-site. Partnered with multiple telephone solution providers, we work with your business to assess your current communication methods and implement a modern, bespoke telephone system that meets all of your needs. We can even provide the handsets!

Replacement for ISDN

VoIP Telephone System and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

VoIP stands for ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol’. This simply means that the voice traffic is carried over an internet connection. VoIP systems can be hosted either in your office or in the cloud, the choice is yours.

VoIP is super easy to manage. For example, if you have a new starter in your company that needs adding to the system, just call us and ask for a new user; we’ll set them up immediately.
SIP uses VoIP to make various kinds of calls over an internet connection. A SIP phone is a device (for example, a desk phone) that can establish phone calls via SIP. SIP trunking allows companies to send and receive a whole range of data types, including voice calls, text and video.

We can incorporate your UK business landlines and mobiles within a bundle, giving you huge cost saving benefits compared with ISDN.

The other benefits of SIP Trunks include scalability, fast installation and futureproofing. You can increase or decrease the number of connections you require depending on your business needs at the time.

Not all VoIP is backed by SIP technology. SIP is the most popular way of using business VoIP to go beyond the simple voice call, as it supports video conferencing, instant messaging and text communications. Modern technology, eh?

How Do I Transition My Business to VoIP?

If you’re considering taking the leap to VoIP with our good selves, rest assured that we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step, and you will be fully supported before, during and after the transition.


If you’re tied into a contract, you’ll need to find out the earliest date on which you can exit this agreement without a penalty. In the meantime, have a think about what your business would need from a new telephone system. Here are some questions to have a think about.

We will always listen carefully to your requirements and work with you to come up with a bespoke telephone system solution for your business. We’re good like that.

Remote Working

With the whole situation around COVID-19 at the moment, many people are finding that working remotely is the new normal.

Using VoIP gives you the flexibility to do this, by taking all your work calls on your SIP phone at home, if you have one.

If not, calls can even be made using an app on your smart phone, saving you from buying a desk phone. This means they’ll be made from and to your office number. You can even transfer the calls to other colleagues.

It’s just like being at the office, and great for remote working whilst saving on calls.

Call Recording

Businesses record calls for different reasons.

Sometimes it’s because it’s the law that your business must record calls, to protect yourself and your customers (as is the case in finance).

You might need to record calls for training purposes, or just to listen back for details that were mentioned in the call, such as important phone numbers.

Call recordings can be saved in the Cloud or on site, and calls will be automatically tagged with important information, such as the phone number and the time of the call.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can help with your business telephone needs.