Remote Working

Whilst remote working is not a new trend, there has been a massive growth in employees working from home amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Work Remotely

It has been predicted that this is likely to change the way the UK works forever.

It’s not always easy to adjust to a new working environment (especially when you’ve got umpteen kids snapping at your ankles whilst you’re doing it).

CompTech IT want to make these changes as easy as possible for you and your employees. We can provide youwith tools that allow your team to communicate in real-time, manage their tasks and schedule and host meetings. And that’s just for the kick off.

Remote Working

Microsoft Teams

This software enables super effective collaboration between colleagues. Documents can be shared and edited in real time using other Microsoft applications, such as Word or Excel.

Microsoft Teams is one of the fastest growing business platforms, with excellent video conferencing capabilities being one of its main features.

It’s a great option for internal communication, as it’s much faster than writing an email. It’s also helpful that each project can be saved in a separate feed, so no more searching through a jumble of emails to find the message you’re looking for.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Your business device’s internet connection should be protected by end-to-end encryption, whether you’re in the office or working elsewhere. A business VPN offers a secured internet connection to company devices, no matter where your employees connect to the internet.
CompTech IT Solutions provide VPNs that remotely host your data, making it accessible for any staff who are working away from the office. The VPN also encrypts the data, meaning that it will be secure from hackers, competitors and anyone else who fancies getting their mitts on it!
A business VPN is a great idea for any company that want to improve its security without hampering accessibility for its employees.


Voice Over Internet Protocol’ is when voice traffic is carried over an internet connection, rather than a traditional telephone line. VoIP systems can be hosted either in your office or in the cloud, and are really easy to manage.

VoIP allows remote workers to connect to one another in real time, and is not only limited to audio. Video calls bring remote workers face-to-face with one another, making communication much easier.

One of the best things about VoIP systems is that they’re super affordable. Because VoIP systems have flexible structures, it’s easy to expand as needed, with new starters easily added to the system. See our phones page for more information.

Managed Security

CompTech IT Solutions provide a fully managed security service, which is perfect for your business if you have employees working remotely.

We offer fundamental protection for your IT security systems and infrastructure, and can manage your security devices for improved operational and technical efficiency.

We can also install antivirus, firewalls, two factor authentication and even provide cyber security guidance and training for your team.

CompTech also provide a range of building security systems, including door access control systems and CCTV; see our security page for more information. This is great for keeping an eye on your business premises, especially if there’s not always someone there at the moment due to the ongoing lockdown situation.

Remote IT Support

We can monitor your systems and hardware remotely, and can often resolve any complications without ever needing to disturb you.
From a single platform, we proactively manage, monitor, track, patch and protect all of your devices and software.
If you do happen to have any IT problems that we didn’t manage to sort before you noticed them, our telephone IT support service will help you out, no problem.We can remotely access your desktop to fix any issues there and then. Take a look at our IT Support page for more information.