Network Security

From network security to building security, we provide everything you need to keep your business or school safe from nasties. Just think of us as your friendly neighbourhood superheroes!

Firewalls and Antivirus Software

Stop viruses and malware in their tracks. CompTech IT Solutions provide firewalls and antivirus software that stops key loggers, trojans, malware and pretty much anything else you can think of at the gateway, before they even reach your network. Virus fighters, go! Malware is constantly evolving, and it is estimated that 350,000 new variants are discovered every single day. Our firewalls and antivirus solutions protect your network from emerging new villains. Pow These baddies can potentially enter your network through employees’ laptops, desktops, and even smart phones. Secure your network and business with comprehensive protection, which will protect you from viruses, malware, spyware, content/url filtering and anti-spam services.
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Internet Filtering and Monitoring

We offer internet filtering and monitoring to business and schools throughout the North West. Filtering stops users from accessing inappropriate content. Monitoring then allows you to take appropriate action when people have accessed such content, and returned to that site for long periods at a time.

Great for keeping your employees on task, and also a good idea for schools, to keep children away from dubious sites.

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But Why Would Someone Hack My Business?

Hackers do what they do for various reasons. Sometimes it’s just for fun, to prove to their mates that they can do it. Sometimes it’s to steal, whether that’s information or money. Other times, it’s to cause maximum disruption to your business, in order to make some kind of statement or to prove that your security is inadequate.

When you’re connected to the Internet, the malware that has installed by a hacker on your PC can transmit your personal and financial information. This can be done without your knowledge or consent.

Employees are the weakest link in any business security system. You can have all the antivirus you want, but it won’t stop an employee replying to an email that appears to be from a legitimate source, and giving away confidential information. The sender of this email can then use the information that your employee has unwittingly revealed. Whether your computer is infected with malware, or an employee has mistakenly divulged private information, hackers could then use your usernames and passwords, steal money, crash your server, or steal data. This could be information about your customers, your employees or private data that is specific to your business.

Owners of small business often think that hackers won’t bother with them, and that they’re only interested in bigger companies. However, bigger businesses are much more likely to have IT security in place, and run regular updates. Smaller companies tend to lack comprehensive IT security, which actually makes them far more likely to be targeted.

How Can CompTech Help?

Give us a call, and we can put a firewall in place that will stop these horrors before they even reach your network, keeping your business safe from the bad guys!

We also provide cyber security guidance and training, so you and your staff will know what to look out for and what to do in the event of a cyber attack. This makes it much less likely that employees will unwittingly leak information, as they’ll be able to spot phishing emails a mile off!

We can set up and provide advice for two-factor authentication on all your systems. This makes sure people definitely are who they say they are, and keeps out any undesirables. Lex Luthor beware!

Network Security

Building Security

Our door access control systems let you authenticate and authorise entry of each person who enters your premises, and are designed to be controlled through your network.
We provide and install a range of door access control systems, including Net2, which is Paxton’s user-friendly networked access control and door entry system. This system is managed from a central PC, and makes the management of your building security very simple. We can install:
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We install and maintain CCTV systems for business premises across Lancashire. This gives you a much needed sense of security and the reassurance that your premises are protected. It provides your business with increased site security, giving you a visual overview of what is happening at your premises.

In the case of a break in, CCTV will provide you with evidence and possible identification. Cameras can also act as an effective deterrent against those who are up to no good!

Our surveillance equipment works in harmony with the rest of your business systems, and can even be viewed from a smart phone, for peace of mind when you’re away from the office. See our CCTV page for more information.

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