It doesn't just stop with looking after your computers..
We do loads more stuff!


Protect yourself from threats such as wannacry and cryptowall.  Speak to us about improving your security whilst ensuring that important data is protected.


Improving all the time and not as expensive as you might think to upgrade it.  Don’t put up with slow speeds and blackspots anymore…


Keep an eye on your business and equipment that you’ve worked hard to buy. Let us price up a solution that you can access even if you’re out of the office on holiday.


One of our specialist areas and something we just love doing.  We can help you with projectors, interactive screens and sound systems.


Often overlooked and forgotten about, don’t put up with expensive phone systems and service plans. Cloud phone systems are the way forward!

We can help with any data cabling you need or any cabling that you want tidying up.  Fiber cabling is also something that we specialise in.